Car Games: My Top Ten

car-gamesHere’s a treat for you! Don’t know why I’ve never thought to pass this on before, but here is a list of tried and tested Top Ten Car Games which I hope will create fun fun fun for you and the whole family this Summer holiday.

Here we go:

1. How many bands/artists can you think of with colours in their name? To get you started, there’s Deep Purple, Simply Red, White Stripes and Pink. You will not be able to stop playing this.

2. How many bands can you think of with numbers in their name? This one is easy around the Three Degrees, Four Tops and Jackson Five stage, but we are still having problems getting from Haircut 100 all the way up to 10,000 Mexicans. Let me know how you get on.

3. How many bands can you think of with body parts in their names? Can you make a whole body out of band names? Can you get from Radiohead through Elbow and down to the Shins with all body parts in between? We can.

4. Can you think of any more bands with names of months in their name apart from the Decemberists and Augustines? (If so please tell me, that game didn’t last long enough).

5. How many bands/artists can you think of with ‘lake’ in their names. The Besnard Lakes, Midlake and Lanterns on the Lake will get you going.

6. Name your favourite bands with animal names, like Foals, Band of Horses and Deer Tick.

7. Name all the songs you can think of with girls’ names in the title… Come On Eileen, Walk Away Renee, Sweet Caroline etc.

8. Name all the songs you can think of with boys’ names in the title… You Can Call Me Al, Billy Don’t Be a Hero, Johnny B Goode etc.

9. Name all the songs you can think of with the name of a town or city in the title…like All The Way From Memphis, 24 Hours From Tulsa, Galveston…

10. Name all the songs you can think of with Love in the title. That one’s too easy.

So there you go, a Top Ten. Those car games have kept us amused for years and not just in cars: they are the games that keep on giving. I know you may have noticed a rather focused theme throughout but I’m sure you could adapt the general principles to an area of interest that suits your family, like Sport or Literature. You might feel that these car games are suitable exclusively for older children, but trust me they work for any age if a child has older siblings.

You’re welcome.

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Wishing you all a fabulous Summer holiday!

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