communicating with kids

Are there times when you struggle to feel like a good parent?

Yeah, me too. I’m sure most of us have those moments and I used to get them all the time. I went on a parenting course out of desperation when my third child was born, so I know what it’s like to feel I’m a rubbish parent.

This site is for parents who, like me, really care about building a good relationship with their kids, but at the same time want to manage the challenging behaviour confidently. How do you do both?

I spent years tying myself in knots trying to follow the experts’ advice and feeling even more inadequate when I failed.

What I learned over the course of bringing up four children was that most of the recommended strategies and techniques generally just make life harder. In the end it’s simply down to communication. And it’s not so much about ‘fixing’ the kids as being true to yourself.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like parenting advice and I don’t like being told what to do. But somehow I ended up designing a communication skills course for parents and then wrote a book! Don’t worry though, it’s not your typical parenting advice book, it won’t make you feel bad.

“I came to Stephanie’s course in a state of absolute despair as relationships with my kids were spiralling out of control. I seriously can’t believe that so much has changed in such a short period of time” ~ Jenya

Here’s what Communicating with Kids is all about:

The philosophy:

  • More enjoyment, less stress
  • More confidence, less confusion
  • More harmony, less conflict
  • More happiness, less anger
  • More humour, less worry

The mission:

  • To increase parents’ confidence in handling all the difficult bits of parenting
  • To help parents build really good authentic relationships with their children
  • To inspire parents to believe and trust in themselves and their kids
  • To pass on life-changing information and practical simple skills
  • To help parents make sense of all the conflicting parenting advice out there

The course:

  • A roadmap of understanding to help you navigate the parenting journey
  • Principles to guide you whatever your parenting personality or beliefs
  • Communication skills which are effective with children from toddlers to teens
  • Simple skills for both a clearer authority & an enhanced relationship with your child
  • An understanding of  what’s relevant amongst all the information out there

“This course is quite transformative and disentangles many areas of human relations – an atmosphere of greater fairness and lack of despair ensues at home!” ~ Rob