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New Ways of Saying Things
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We humans haven’t been communicating with words for very long –  we’re not as practised at this as we are with body language –  and it amuses me to think that our ancestors roaming the Savannah may actually have been … Read More

Things You Are Not Allowed
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I found myself having a Saturday evening alone with my twelve-year-old daughter yesterday. At around 9pm I observed vaguely that it would be quite nice if we had some chocolate in the house, not realising that this would be interpreted … Read More

The Point In Experiencing Failure
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When I was a child, one of my absolute favourite toys was the Post Office set. I found it so exciting, all those stamps and envelopes and air mail stickers… I’ve been doing the grown-up version of playing with a … Read More

Fathers Day
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For all the dads reading this, as it’s Fathers Day, I asked my 20 year old son for some input about dads for today’s post. He told me that last night (while I slept on oblivious) his dad picked him … Read More

Do You Have An Introvert Child?
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This week I’ve been reading a book which explores the characteristics of introverts versus extroverts. I know which I am (only an introvert would buy a book with a title like ‘Quiet’). I remember at infant school once, when the … Read More

Why We Need Social Connections
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Welcome to everyone who has just subscribed to this blog!  Thanks to those who have Liked the Facebook page too.  In another week of isolation (looking after children in various stages of recovering from illness), it really hit me how important … Read More

Language Tips From Enid Blyton
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When my daughter was younger, she loved the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. We built up nearly the whole series which I used to read to her every night at bedtime, and I loved reliving my own childhood obsession … Read More

Angry Children
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I’ve had a few queries about managing children’s anger this week, and more specifically how they express it and how we can teach them to manage it. There are certainly some useful techniques we can pass on to them, but … Read More

Interesting Books
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I set up this blog mainly as a way to provide a forum for all the parents who have completed the Communicating with Kids course, or the Parent Effectiveness Training course which I used to run, as a way to … Read More

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