Your breakup doesn’t have to break your kids

Divorce or separation can be a time of grief and confusion and if there are children involved parents may feel consumed with guilt. However, the research consistently shows that it is not the separation itself which damages children but the way it is handled, especially if there is great conflict between the parents. Children will inevitably experience some distress and confusion at the time of separation but it is possible to handle the process in a way which causes no long-lasting problems, and children may even be happier with two separate but happy parents rather than parents who are unhappy together.

Parenting after Parting is a course designed for couples who are committed to putting their children’s needs at the heart of the process of separation. The aim of this course is to support both parents in their relationship with each other and with their children, in order to manage the process as smoothly as possible as well as gain confidence in their ability to parent separately. Communication is key to this process and simple practical communication principles and skills are at the heart of the programme.

The Parenting after Parting course doesn’t make judgements or take sides, but recognises that every situation is different and there is no one best solution for everyone. However, it does offer a wealth of information and tools to help parents gain a deeper understanding and make the best possible choices and decisions for themselves. A mutually-agreed ‘roadmap’ of communication is created for the new relationship. The course provides principles in understanding and simple practical advice for parents asking these kind of questions:

  • How do we tell the children we are going to separate?
  • How can I help my child cope with all the changes and still feel secure?
  • What if our parenting styles or values are very different?
  • What is the best way of arranging visits for the children and what if they’re not happy about
  • How can I manage the children by myself without support?
  • What if my child is distraught – how can I best help?
  • How can I cope with my own distress and anger without passing it on to my child?

The Parenting after Parting course helps to support parents through the separation and the adjustment, and also looks ahead to possible future eventualities they may face. Being prepared means there is a greater chance of managing this difficult time in the best possible way for everyone.

All work is confidential.

See the full outline of the Parenting after Parting programme here. The course is designed for couples to attend together at a mutually agreed time (morning, afternoon or evening). It is normally run over four consecutive weeks, each session lasting two hours. A free follow-up session can be arranged for a later date.

“Thank you again for the fantastic Parenting after Parting course, as we said last week we have both found it incredibly helpful and your open and supportive manner really helped at such a difficult time. I have learnt so much about myself personally as well as going forward from here and having the confidence to support our children and each other in the best way we can. This course should be on prescription” ~ Jess