Family Traditions

family traditionsEaster Day, and the family tradition of  What we Do on Easter Day kicks in. My sister comes round with her two children (‘The Cousins’) and we play Music Scrabble whilst eating chocolate. Exactly the same as our Boxing Day tradition to be honest.

‘Music Scrabble’ was invented way back in the mists of time and has developed over the years into a  game that works. On many levels. Every word put down has to be the name of a band or singer, part of an album title, or  justified by the singing of the song lyric in which it appears. That might sound easy, like you could use any word, but in fact it’s not. Today for example ‘condone’was rejected. On the plus side, the Q is easy to use (Quo) and the Z (Jay Z) and you’re allowed things like REM and JLS (although you lose points for the latter obviously). If anyone manages to put down the name of a FAVE  band agreed by everyone it’s a 50 point bonus.

So that’s what we did today and much fun, as always, was had by all.

But also today a new game was invented. Second son found a label-maker which has been sitting on the floor under the printer for about 2 years now, unopened. It was a free gift from Epsom. Off he ran in delight.’ A label-maker! A label-maker! You never told me we have a label maker!’ (He’s nineteen).

In our house now, every item is labeled. The kids labeled each other with titles like ‘Adopted’ and ‘Forgotten Middle Child.’ Third son set up a treasure hunt of labels  (‘Look on the Front Door’,  ‘Look on the Window’) and  there was lots of fun in the kitchen where we had ‘This is not a Fridge’ on the fridge, ‘Human Meat’ on a pack of ham and ‘Open for the Meaning of Life’ on a cupboard door. And ‘I Lied’ when you opened it. The mirror was labeled with ‘Calm Down You Look Fine’.

I’ve never seen the kids have so much fun with a new toy. I sense a new family tradition has just been invented, and this one will run and run.

So the conclusion of this post is: Family Traditions are great and never let the chance of a new one pass you by. And get your kids a label-maker.

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