Fathers Day

fathers-dayFor all the dads reading this, as it’s Fathers Day, I asked my 20 year old son for some input about dads for today’s post. He told me that last night (while I slept on oblivious) his dad picked him up from a friend’s house, and drove him home at one in the morning.

‘Gosh’ I said ‘that’s something I wouldn’t do’

‘No’ he said ‘I know not to ask you’

‘Dad’s very nice isn’t he..’  I said.

‘Yes, he never minds doing stuff like that’

There was a pause.

‘I’m nice sometimes too..’ I offered.

‘Oh yes’ he said ‘just not in such obvious ways’

Another pause.

‘You’re a bit more subtle about it’

So there you have it dads, as we suspected, it’s the big actions that score you the points. That, and lots of freely given hugs apparently. Happy Fathers Day!

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  1. Anna
    | Reply

    Thats just brilliant!!

  2. Jain Seamons
    | Reply

    That made me laugh!

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