It’s Christmas!

christmasSo I’ve finally stopped going round saying ‘Why have all the shops got Christmas stuff in them already?’ and acknowledged the fact that it’s because it’s nearly Christmas.

I’m a bit behind this year, I’ve been working so hard I just  haven’t had the chance to look up and see Christmas coming. With a family of four children that’s a lot of present-buying for everyone but luckily they are growing up and saying the same as me, which is ‘Let’s just relax this year shall we? Doesn’t matter if we forget things, let’s just have fun.’ Good to see my influence there.

But why is it that I can’t find a tin of Roses chocolates in any supermarket anywhere, at the one and only time of year I actually want to buy a tin of Roses chocolates?

‘We haven’t had those for a while’ said the assistant at Tesco. And when I asked her if they would be getting any more in she said ‘Oh no we won’t be getting any more Christmas stock in now’, giving me the same look as the Clark’s shoe shop lady when I asked for children’s sandals at the beginning of the Summer holidays (‘We usually sell those at Easter’ she told me, straight-faced).

Shops these days make me feel increasingly late and out of touch, and although I like to move with the times I’m not prepared to do Summer at Easter or Christmas in September.

So taking my cue from my children’s ‘It doesn’t matter’ vibe, I’m putting a brave face on it and thinking ‘Oh well, that’s one thing less to buy.’ I’ll get over it. Need to save money anyway. I have just looked out of the window at the Christmas tree put outside from last year and thought ‘Yeah that’ll do! We won’t notice the brown bits once the decorations are on it.’

We will be driving up to North Wales and the joy of Christmas will come from spending a few days with Grandma, playing board games, watching Christmas telly and eating lots of Christmas food.

Happy Christmas to all readers of this blog, hope yours is a good one however you choose to spend it, and as I’m going to be very busy putting on that necessary extra winter half stone over the next couple of weeks (with or without a tin of Roses), I will take a break from this blog. See you again in the New Year with more pithy parenting tips, hard-hitting polemic and vague musings!

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  1. Christine
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    I saw Easter eggs in the garage yesterday, aargh. Happy Christmas!

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