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If you’re looking for something original, I love to write about parenting, motherhood, young people and cultural and social issues. My overall area of expertise is communication, I approach the subject┬álike a forensic scientist teasing out the real underlying messages communicated by everything, from words and images to public policies.


I write original material about communication for parents which you won’t read anywhere else. I am critical of generally accepted parenting advice, not out of bloody-mindedness but because I question everything I read and match it with my experience. I research studies on the brain and human behaviour because I like to find facts and statistics which back me up in my hunches and help me to de-bunk popular myths. I rail against bland advice for generic parents and I’m the antidote to all that is worthy and precious.

You probably shouldn’t book me if your publication depends on promoting one parenting ideology, but if you want an original take on current parenting practices then I’m your writer.

My book Communicating with Kids was published in January 2015 and my advice has been featured in the Times, the Daily Mail ‘You’ magazine and Psychologies magazine amongst others.

Social and Cultural Issues

It was working on the No More Page 3 campaign that got me started on writing about wider societal issues affecting young women. I always research evidence for all sides of an argument before committing myself to putting something down in writing, partly because I’m naturally suspicious of accepting anything at face value and partly because I’m terrified of writing rubbish.

I like to tackle the tougher issues and I’m not afraid of voicing a controversial viewpoint, in fact I actively seek out the issues you’re not supposed to challenge. Whatever people’s viewpoints, I believe in debate, so if I spot any politically correct silencing going on anywhere, I can’t resist going in.

So if you’re looking for a female writer on issues mainly affecting girls and women, drop me a message through the contact form and let me know the subject you’re looking to cover. I will be happy to contribute if I can!

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