feminist speaker UK
International Women’s Day Brighton 2014: l-r Helen Charles, Lili Evans, Stephanie Davies-Arai, Razia Aziz, Caroline Lucas MP, Abigail Sinclair

I challenge the negative cultural messages our kids unconsciously absorb.

In particular, I examine the hidden messages behind words, images and policies which subtly or directly disempower and disenfranchise girls and young women. I believe we are wasting the potential of 52% of the population while we continue to socialise girls into a passive decorative role and I think girls are worth way more than that.

Empowering young women

I was a part of the No More Page 3 campaign and one of our proudest achievements was that it gave girls a voice. I loved the opportunity to work with young women directly on taking action to protest limiting cultural messages. I was one of the speakers at Girlguiding UK’s ‘Be the Change’ event in 2013 where the girls worked on their own projects for change and I came away feeling that the future for women is in good hands.

feminist speaker UK
Awesome members of Girlguiding at ‘Be The Change’

Universities and Schools

I have spoken and debated with young women at universities and schools across the UK on the pressures they face from today’s sexualised culture and the impact it has on their body image, confidence and aspirations. I’m struck by how the issues are the same wherever I go: the representation of women and the role they are expected to play in society really does affect young women’s sense of self-worth.


feminist speaker UK
Discussing representation of women in the media with students at Manchester University

We owe it to our young women to challenge this culture which tells them their main role is to shut up and be sexy, and we also need to give them both the permission and the tools to challenge it themselves.


“You gave such an engaging speech and I think you managed to clear up many misconceptions about the campaign behind No More Page 3 and get the girls on board if they weren’t already, which is fab! I had so many girls coming up to me afterwards and saying how great the conference was and the speakers made it what it was! It truly would not have been the same without you. Thank you!!” – Drew Fackrell, Sixth Former and Organiser of the Gender Equality event at Red Maids School, Bristol

I also give presentations on the subject of feminism to groups and organisations as well as in schools, to both girls and boys.

If you would be interested in discussing a talk or presentation at your school, university or event, please contact me through the contact form.

“I can say for sure that your talk certainly generated a lot of discussion around the place – the dialogue on feminism is in full flow around Tonbridge School, so thank you for stimulating this!” – Stefan Hargreaves, Master in charge of Seminar, Tonbridge School, Kent