Communication Skills Training

The relationship a teacher has with a child has two aspects, the ‘teacher role’ (authority, discipline, rules), and the human relationship (respect, empathy, connection) These two aspects work together and support each other in creating a relationship whereby the teacher and child can both fulfil their ‘roles’ (teacher and learner) while at the same time enjoying a satisfying authentic relationship.

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Communication Skills for Teachers

An overview of the full Communicating with Kids training

A Summary of Skills

Powerpoint: Freedom within Structure

I can deliver the full programme or any part of this training to suit the needs of your school, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

We have used Stephanie to run courses for both teachers and parents at our school over a number of years because her courses have such an amazing impact. Stephanie is confident and authentic and knows just how to pitch the course to engage everyone in a fun and comfortable format. She is a highly skilled trainer who quickly understands the needs of the school and can tailor her courses to match sensitively. She is passionate about what she does and her infectious enthusiasm makes her courses non-threatening and extremely enjoyable ~ Elizabeth Overton, Danehill Primary School

Peer Mediation Training Programme

A structured programme of workshops for teachers and Year5/6 pupils

Peer mediation skills equip children for life with the skills of listening, reflecting back, non- judgmental assessment of both sides of a conflict, negotiation, empathy and peaceful conflict resolution. Teachers also benefit from training which will support them in their own management of children’s conflicts in the playground.  

The programme may be implemented at any time in the school year. Suggested schedule:

Summer Term 6

3 workshops to train up to four staff members to become peer mediation trainers.

2 workshops to train the Year 5 group to become peer mediators with the members of staff observing and participating (this is the training that the staff will deliver themselves in the following year with the next group of Year 5 children).

Autumn Term 1

1 supervised refresher role-play session with the now Year 6 group, facilitated by the trained staff, with observation, assessment and feedback. A peer mediator rota is drawn up by the staff and Year 6 begin their work as peer mediators. This could be announced in an assembly and a poster displayed with a visual timetable.

Autumn Term 2 and beyond

The trained adults support the peer mediators through the rest of the year with regular feedback sessions.

Summer Term 6

The new Year 5 group begin their training delivered by the trained members of staff.

Ongoing Support

Peer mediators and trained staff have an opportunity to discuss how things are going and refine their skills at any time in follow-up sessions to be scheduled when necessary.

Cost: full course of 6 x 1 -1.5hr workshops: £600. Follow-up workshops: £50/hr

I also deliver presentations on Feminism for Year 10 and 11 pupils, please see this page for details.

Please contact me for more information on any of this training using the contact details below.