Toddlers and Teenagers

toddlers and teenagersI realise that I tag a lot of the posts I publish on this blog with both toddlers and teenagers, and it occurred to me that if anyone clicks on the toddlers tag they may be a little confused about how much the  teenagers are infiltrating their world. So I’m going to explain.

Toddlers and teenagers are basically THE SAME except teenagers are really big.

Ok, their stories and interests are different, but what’s happening to them is basically the same: toddlers are moving from babyhood into childhood and teenagers are moving from childhood into adulthood. You’d be surprised at how similar they are in the single-minded way they go about doing this very important job.

(In between there is a long ‘fallow’ period during which you will have NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.)

Both toddlers and teenagers will resent it if you try to keep them in the previous stage. You feel like you’re losing them but  in one of those lovely ironic-but-true ways, allowing them to separate from you actually brings you closer.

So, in the drive towards autonomy and independence, here’s what toddlers and teenagers do:

They push you away when you are interfering in their business.

They adopt all the same opinions and interests as their peers (for a while).

They try new things and explore.

They experiment and take risks.

They have lots of intense feelings and may express them regularly.

They want to do things their way and demand that you let them.

They want to find things out for themselves and they don’t want your advice.

They need you there in the background to run back to, but they don’t want you holding their hand through everything.

And in my experience, interestingly, they share a love for Teletubbies, toilet humour, naughty words and sweets.

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  1. Very good! I only have little ones, so am reassured to know it’s just more of the same that I have in store for me!

  2. Orli D
    | Reply

    And there I was, thinking I’m done with toddlers now… You are ruining my illusions!
    Still loved the post though 😉

    • Stephanie Davies-Arai
      | Reply

      Thanks! The second time around is much easier because you’ve already practised once!

  3. mumforallseasons
    | Reply

    My eldest daughter will turn thirteen and my youngest son will turn two in the same week next year and you are spot on with the similarities. I am only thankful that my toddler can’t slam doors and my soon to be teenager doesn’t throw her food around the kitchen ! Nicola x

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