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Want A Copy Of My Book?

communicating-with-kids-bookI have totally felt like the suffragette mother in Mary Poppins this week, although I haven’t actually left the house singing ‘Votes for women step in time!’ I haven’t actually left the house much at all in fact.

As well as running courses, organising book-readings at book shops and dealing with publicity for my book which is published on Wednesday, I have been on full-alert action stations for the No More Page 3 campaign. NMP3 HQ this week has been like those scenes at Houston Mission Control in my favourite film ‘Apollo 13’ when they find out there’s a problem. Busy but cool.

Luckily, unlike in Mary Poppins, the girl and boy at home who have watched all this are aged 15 and 17, not six and eight. I have had hugs, whoops of joy, cups of tea made for me and sinkfuls of dishes washed while I wasn’t looking. My son told me that Page 3 was being discussed at his college.

‘History is being made as you watch’ I’ve told them when I’ve had a moment to look up from my lap-top and acknowledge their presence. They look proud.

I think they may remember this emotional rollercoaster of a week when they are older, I hope so. They have observed at first hand, and participated in, the massive highs, the crushing blows, the picking-up-and-getting-on-with-it and the fire and determination it takes to campaign for change.

To celebrate the publication of my book on Wednesday this week I’m giving away 20 Free Copies to the first 10 blog subscribers who email me a begging letter, and the first 10 new subscribers to this blog. Get on it!

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  1. Christine Griffin
    | Reply

    Already got your book and it’s FANTASTIC! It made brilliant Christmas presents for all my friends who just don’t know how to communicate with their kids,,,,,,,,,,but now they do! So give the book to someone else who blogs.
    If you change one person’s opinion on a subject, it helps to change the world!
    Well done Stephanie
    Christine x

  2. Margaret Haynes
    | Reply

    Hi Stephanie, I too already have your book and have been recommending it to the parents I work with. Congratulations on sharing so much good sense.

  3. Abbi Torrance
    | Reply

    yes please I would love a free copy of your book if i’m not too late.



  4. bettina
    | Reply

    A friend has recommended your book and was going to lend it to me but getting a free copy myself would be even better if it’s not too late?

  5. Mairi
    | Reply

    hello. I’ve just subscribed. Am I too late for a copy of your book?!

  6. Tracey
    | Reply

    Please could you let me know how to get hold of this book as I really need this in my household! Thanks

  7. Clare
    | Reply

    Hello from the comments your book sounds amazing. Not only do I have my own 3 children I also. Work with children sound like this book would be a real inspiration if I am not to late. Thanks x

  8. Helen
    | Reply

    Halfway through your book (thank you!) and loving the common sense, straight down the line approach. Mine are only 4 and 2 and I don’t think I’ve been going too wrong so far, but the first half of your book has already really helped me to reaffirm my position as parent and how that fits in with a lot of love and cuddliness too!

  9. Caroline Lawrence
    | Reply

    Hi Stephanie, I’ve heard good reports about your book. As a parent I’m always interested in new ideas and approaches and I’d love to receive my own copy if I’m not too late? Thank you

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